About Us

Maria Grazia

Maria Grazia Zagaglia is whom can be defined as the epitome of true Italian mamma specially when it come to cooking. Her roots, her knowledge, her passion. She is feisty, she is loud and full of love. Try just imagining eating her food. She is responsible for all food workshop experiences and she does tour and cook with us too!

Vincenza Folghereti

Vincenza Folghereti is Sicilian born, Tuscany adopted. A lady enologist that is part of a very important niche of wine ladies in Europe not only Italy. Her work is pure dedication to the vineyards. She lives and breaths them! Listening to her describe a sip of wine is like a story teller. Be ready for an unforgetable experience.

Marcela Senise

 Marcela Senise aka lafoodsitter, foodie at heart, love everything about communication in the food world. Living in Tuscany has brought to life “Rustic this Food Tour Experiences” project. When I’m not touring, I’m eating, reading, travelling for other works or pleasure. Sharing is caring.