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Cara 's about portrait

Cara Greenstein, a Memphis girl with good taste, love for her childhood kitchen Aid Mixmaster and talent. She grew up to make a very good use of her qualities and passions. She became Caramelized.
Her blog is a versitile product that offers her readers party tips, recipes, life style collaborations and consultancy.
She shares her life with Alex and Sawyer the dog.
Cara’s work with caramelized is a different look into America’s way of life that is not about the usual big, overspoken capitals that we all still love but can always learn more about other corners of Uncle Sam’s country.


Cara, Alex & Sawyer credits: Instagram

Hope you enjoy following her as much as I do.

David Lebovitz

david lebovitz about

He is the pioneer of all bloggers. The sweet, shy New Yorker that moved to Paris. He cooks, takes food photos incredibly well, writes so invintigly that makes you want to eat out of his words. He has published eight books and has a new one coming out on November 7th entitled ‘l’appart’, where he gets personal about sharing the stories of making his dream come true. His own parisian home and with his own kitchen. Can’t wait to read it all!
If you are a serious foodie you must have his blog saved on your web bookmarks favourites! His Instagram is great to follow too.

Here is me on a total “fan moment” during the book signing of ‘The Kitchn Book’ in NYC a few summers ago.

David Lebovitz – Living the sweet life in Paris