Cibo a Regola d’Arte goes to Napoli

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After 5 years of very successful editions in Milan, Angela Frenda and her staff at Corriere della Sera have decided to reach the south of Italy and host this year’s edition in Napoli.

Angela FrendaFor Angela a place called home. She is going back to her origins and that makes it even more special. From Friday October 27th til Sunday 29th, with a programme brimming with high profiled chefs, events, workshops, the breathtaking location chosen to hold #ciboaregoladarte2017, we can all be prepared for a weekend of exceptional work within the world of food. This year’s theme is ‘Gastronomic Renaissance’
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chefsA list of names including Massimo Bottura, Adeline Grattard, Andrea Berton, Alessandro Borghese, Iginio Massari are some of the 23 chefs that will talk & cook at the Convento San Domenico Maggiore .

Workshop for adults and kids have a great program. Check availability here

So all I can say for now is my luggage is ready and I can’t wait to share it with you all the news, events and even some cooking classes I might dare to attend. Follow me here with daily updates, Facebook and Instagram…and if I manage even Twitter 🙂

Here is the weekend’s full program

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