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What is happening around the world of plant based food, the trends, the benefits, do’s and don’ts. A very important topic we all need to follow.

Flirting With Vegan

flirting with vegan tours

This is a project very close to my heart. So I might sound way too suspicious when telling you about Flirting with Vegan, how it started, how it’s going and where it’s heading.

But trust me it’s totally worth it!


Tamar has been a fishetarian for over fifteen years now. She defends the welfare of animals and  climate change crisis. Rightly so as those two topics are well important for the future of our kinds.

For fun she created the hashtag #flirtingwithvegan using on her personal Instagram and reviewing food experiences on Google. Then it came one proper IG profile. Always with the intent of sharing a positive message. What can come out of some excellent FaceTime coffee sessions between two friends who are foodies at heart.

What started as a positive message is now shaping into  a vegan friendly food tour in New York City. 

We did some serious research about market needs, possible competition, best places to include in each tour area. Tamar has, so far, 3 itineraries on the go, all sold out and with very positive feedback.

The idea is to carry on spreading a positive message and sharing a foodie experience with everyone. As the slogan says:

Because no one has time for mediocre food.

You can be vegan, fishetarian, flexitarian or simply curious about a different foodie experience.

Summer is going to be busy for Flirting With Vegan tours. 

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