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Italian espresso is applying to become Unesco heritage

When we talk about Italian food and drinks two things comes to mind straight away: Pizza and espresso. Not just any coffee. Espresso.

Espresso at Farmacia Del Cambio, Turin

That shot of creaminess with a perfumed and textured crema that tops the sip of espresso Italians drink from a porcelain cup.

Just like Neapolitans pizza makers having had their pizza added in 2017 to Unesco’s heritage list, now is the turn of Turin coffee makers to have a go.

“It is an authentic ritual, an expression of our sociality that distinguishes us around the world,” said Gian Marco Centinaio, agriculture undersecretary, confirming the application had been submitted.

Caffè Vergnano and Lavazza are two big international brands to come from Turin. A city that became the capital of espresso at the end of 19th century.

Caffè Vergnano, Turin

A great asset for the economy and a habit Italians do take it to their heart. Also a way to celebrate a ritual halted with pandemic days.

Let’s cross fingers.

JUM by Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver is out with his new venture. It’s called Jum. An app that is here to help you with weekly menu plannings.

On Monday, beloved Brit Chef Jamie released the news on his Instagram with an intro video, briefly explaining what’s all about, how everyone in his Cookery school is involved too and what’s more to come in the near future.

Load os recipes, shopping list, what’s trending, what you love, all in one app to make your food world easy with simple solutions and your favourite ingredients.

It can also be “tailored made” according to your preferences and algorithms will do all the work.

Graphically speaking, Jamie’s photos and videos are, as usual, impeccably eye catching and makes you want to cook it all.

It’s available for download on IOS App Store and soon on Android. Also available to access on web.

A message from the Queen

So it seems Your Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II is having her own “Bake Off” competition.

One of the many activities to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee this year.

A great deal of celebrations are in store as she stands as the first Monarch to be in throne for 70 years.

Fortune & Mason has launched “The Platinum Pudding Competitionso bakers enthusiasts can create a new pudding for the Queen and be served up, as they said, “at street parties and other celebrations up and down the country”.

A panel of high profile judges will include Dame Mary Berry from GBBO, the superb Culinary historian and author Regula Ysewijn and the head chef at Buckingham Palace, Mark Flanagan will be doing all the tasting.

Some simple guidelines are: fit for the Queen, must be delicious, can be any pudding, anyone can make at home and just like any good British pudding recipe, to have a memorable story to be told.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (C) considers cutting a cake with a sword, lent to her by The Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall, Edward Bolitho, to celebrate of The Big Lunch initiative at The Eden Project, near St Austell in south west England on June 11, 2021. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / POOL / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

A beloved recipe in Buckingham Palace’s kitchen, for years, is the Chocolate Cookie Cake. It was Kate and William’s wedding official cake together with the eight-tiered traditional fruit cake.

What would you create if you had to impress the Queen? Someone famous for her sweet-tooth and her five o’clock tea.

If you are a big fan of baking and puddings, here are excellent book references by author Regula. To read and delight yourself with her espectacular knowledge of British pudding culture.

So exciting for the results and maybe try at home the winner recipe.

After all it has to be a pudding to be remember! God Save the Queen!


Charco restaurante

I had the pleasure of dining at São Paulo’s newest charcoal style restaurant.
Charco restaurante is a cosy, charming, warm welcoming place.
Tuca Mezzomo and Nathalia Gonçalves have been in the gastronomic scene for a while but have only recently decided to open their own doors. It has been exact one year and they have already been on best of list nominations of the year.
You genuinely can taste the research and care they put into every dish.

Charco Restaurant

All the charcuterie is made in house from a selection of raw meat that defines quality when you put in your mouth with a slice of a fresh baked bread and their butter.
Their choice of platings is extremely refined, matching their creations‘ presentation very well.

Together with all the flavors and colors it makes the experience absolutely worthwhile.
It is not the ordinary grill place!

Charcoaling is becoming an art and Tuca is performing at its best.
Nathalia with her bakery and pastry talents is thriving!
I had moments when I wanted more bread to do the classic “scarpetta” and literally licked my fingers over desert.

Last but not least cocktail menu is very interesting with old fashion bar glasses to drink from.

New York Times travel’s list for 2019

nytimes travel

Bravo to New York Times for such an inspiring list of 52 places to visit.

There is art & culture, there is nature, there is sightseeing, there is food too, of course! Countries for all tastes and interest. Some cliché locations as they should and some out of the ordinary itinerary.

But you can see how choices were made with care, taking into consideration mostly our actual circumstances with climate change.

Placing Porto Rico in first place shows their total support in helping them get back on their feet after hurricane Maria in 2017.

I’ll bore you no more! Enjoy the reading and a little travel with the mind while at it.

Image result for New York times travel

Bourdain in pictures

Bourdain & rooster

So much to talk about, so little inspiration to write down my words. Somehow it might make it all different to process Bourdain’s passing. For now I’m choosing to share a some pictures I’ve been gathering here and there in between a Facebook group I’ve joined and Pinterest.

Bourdain & Eric
A true friendship
Sarcastic Bourdain
No need for captions here 🙂
When he was a chef
From when he was a chef / courtesy of George Calombaris Instagram
Bourdain & his trade mark boots
Bourdain & his trade mark boots
Mysterious Bourdain
Always with intriguing eyes
Bourdain smile
that smile

The bread and the salt between us

the bread and the salt in between us

I absolutely love ethnic food.

I grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, a city that offers food from every single corner of this world. Childhood memories are fond in my heart when it comes to middle eastern food. Every Sunday my dad would take me to our favorite arab restaurant called Almanara. Right in what used to be the gorgeous centre of the city. Mouthwatering just the thought of it. The maître was always so impressed that I would eat raw kibbeh with my hands, helped by the bread dripping with hummus. Olive oil and green onions as well.
I was 5.

the bread and the salt in between us recipes

Once I moved to London I could still enjoy my arab feasts. Specially with friends cooking the real thing! What amazing meals we had. Stuffed grape leaves are comfort food. Not to mention how simple yet such delicacy it takes to prepare them.
Unfortunately since moving to Italy such pleasures have been drastically reduced. Italy is way behind on having greater variety of food besides their own only distinguished by each region. When in Milan you might get lucky and find a “non italian” restaurant.
So, Yes! I miss, I crave my dose of international palate.
But enough of me, my cravings and moaning, let’s talk about more important issues such as immigration and food. And photography too.

the bread and the salt in between us Mayada's family

I have been noticing a great deal of positive actions on immigrants that have successfully settled in a new country thanks to their integration to a new community through food and their roots.
Syrian refugees are a beautiful example of it.
In the past two years when I visited São Paulo I went to new, cosy and family run places with outstanding food. They were all recently relocated Syrian families. My utter respect.
They are not the only ones, of course, as we all know how delicate the situation in Syria is.
So when I saw on my Instastories feed a post from a talented New Yorker food photographer I follow called Liz Clayman talking about her latest work my heart exploded. Syrians in Jersey City, community dinners, their story and food.
Went straight to Amazon.com to buy it.

the bread and the salt in between us cover

With foreword by Chef José Andrés no less.

the bread and the salt in between us Foreword by José Andrés
Preface with her gentle own words by Mayada Anjari herself together with witty Jennifer Sit on those extra two hands writing and translating.
Last but not least photography by Liz Clayman.

The book is so simple, with rather classic recipes not much fuss about it really. But such simplicity is what makes this book outstanding! Mayada’s family story, their perseverance in getting a better future for everyone, the importance of Friday night meals and how she managed to fit in her new community with the power of food.

the bread and the salt in between us recipes

Liz’s photos are precious. I could taste, smell each dish from the lighting, colors and beauty of each page’s shot.

My hearted compliments to this very special trio. You published a priceless gem in such delicate times. We need more of those!

the bread and the salt in between us sweet

Go and buy your copy right now if you consider yourself a real foodie person. It’s a must for your collection and dinners to share.

Happy Birthday Bourdain June 25th 2018

Celebrating Bourdain

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 11 December 2016 “@Giancarlo_shark Nearly every day. there’s jiu Jitsu almost everywhere, Even here in Oman.”

So, I just went and opened your Instagram.
Looked back on old post dated late 2016 when you visited Oman. I want to go there too.
It made me smile looking at that post of your empty page on your screen with the caption

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.” – Nabokov

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 10 March 2018 “The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.” – Nabokov “

Funny feeling eh?
Nothing I could write about you, Anthony Bourdain, Tony, would be new to the infinite words that has been written since June 8th.
To say “I miss you” is an understatement.
(this sentence keeps repeating in my head ever since….not even on a break up! – I’m laughing!)
Reading you all over again.
Watching you all over agin.
Listening to your audibles and that’s a new one.
No Instastories and that’s a bummer. Loved it. Plain. Musical quality to its best. Your wake ups all over the world. Nope I won’t go into it.

I decided that I want to celebrate you.
a) Because today is your birthday.
b) Because you are simply worth celebration.

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 18 february 2017 “Dangerous Women of Porto DeezNuts (guard them)”

My heart is so tight. I’m tearing now.
The Stones is playing – Gimme shelter.

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 7 March 2017 “The Revenge of The Ripper: in which mountain raised Alpinist, Eric Ripert exacts Terrible Payback for his sufferings in Sichuan Province. #Chamonix “

I have one, just one selfish regret I must admit. Not have asked you to be part of my “Kitchen Stories” collection here. Why did I never send you that email…I’m pretty sure you would have answered. I was “saving” to do it in person in NYC when your “Bourdain Market” project opened in 2019.

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 20 January 2017 “THANK you @United employee Divina Reyes #052843 for your heroic assiatnce in gettine me out of Newark and onwards to Antartica . Your broken field running was amazing. Never could have done it without you!”

To me you always been Bourdain and forever will be.

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 27 January 2017 “Alpha Bravo”

Tonight – Iggy Pop
Love in vain – Stones

Celebrating Bourdain

@anthonybourdain Instagram 16 May 2017 “My kitchen thanks you @brad__phillips