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Charco restaurante

I had the pleasure of dining at São Paulo’s newest charcoal style restaurant.
Charco restaurante is a cosy, charming, warm welcoming place.
Tuca Mezzomo and Nathalia Gonçalves have been in the gastronomic scene for a while but have only recently decided to open their own doors. It has been exact one year and they have already been on best of list nominations of the year.
You genuinely can taste the research and care they put into every dish.

Charco Restaurant

All the charcuterie is made in house from a selection of raw meat that defines quality when you put in your mouth with a slice of a fresh baked bread and their butter.
Their choice of platings is extremely refined, matching their creations‘ presentation very well.

Together with all the flavors and colors it makes the experience absolutely worthwhile.
It is not the ordinary grill place!

Charcoaling is becoming an art and Tuca is performing at its best.
Nathalia with her bakery and pastry talents is thriving!
I had moments when I wanted more bread to do the classic “scarpetta” and literally licked my fingers over desert.

Last but not least cocktail menu is very interesting with old fashion bar glasses to drink from.

Sorbillo opens in NYC

Sorbillo Bowery St NYC

“When he was a little boy he had a dream. To become a pizzaiolo and take his pizzas to an even bigger dream. The american dream.”

Sorbillo Bowery St NYC

…and he did so. Gino Sorbillo is making his highest dream become reality. The Sorbillo clan is opening their first location this week in the heart of Little Italy, where else?!

Gino Sorbillo at NYC location

His efforts paid off. His believes and what is important to make the best pizza are real. Protection and respect of his territory to export in the most accurate way to one of the most competitive cities in the world when it comes to the food industry.
He is ready to tell the story of his family, to make New Yorkers try Italy’s most famous pizza in the world.

While writing this article, Gino himself shared on his Instragam stories, yes he’s all about his social media chanels too, that Unesco has recently announced the recongnition of pizza makers job as a Italian heritage – so Hurray & Congrats to all pizzaioli!

When I met Gino at ‘Cibo a Regola D’Arte last month I was amazed to meet such helpful and available guy he was but most of all how down to earth.

Gino Sorbillo & Rosanna Marziale

Gino Sorbillo & Michelin star chef Rosanna Marziale at Cibo a Regola D’Arte – Napoli 2017

His talk was al about genuinity, respect and love for his home territory. To the point of publicly stating so in front of politians his commintment as citizen and enterpreneur.

His energy is contagious, his smile is sincere and his arrival in New York City is happening because of his determination of fulfilling that young boy’s dream. He is very aware of what the city has to give and take. But so far the feedback of opening trials and and opening night have proven a success.

The Sorbillo’s brother received the visit of New York’s Mayor, Mr. De Blasio, as their friendship goes back a few years back when tey met back in Naples while the De Blasio family was holidaying in the souht. Media coverage has been pretty full including the famous CBSNews channel of all NYC yellow cabs!


Credits Press / James Collier

I can’t wait to be back in the Big Apple and enjoy a good slice with my New Yorker friends.
I wish Gino & family the most amazing time on their new adventure.

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Sorbillo NYC
334 Bowery between Great Jones & Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 646.476.8049

Sorbillo the pizza man

Pizza at Sorbillo Napoli

When you visit Italy there are some clichés to be done that are a must like going to Rome and seeing the Colliseum, going to Pisa and taking a picture “holding” the leaning tower and going to Naples to eat pizza.
Simple as that.

Sorbillo's Napoli pizza

credits Sorbillo Facebook

You have infinite choices of places to do so but my suggestion is to go right in the core of the city, Centro Storico, where you will find Sorbillo. This is THE place where to eat THE most traditional e faithful napolian/Italian pizza in town.

Sorbillo Napoli

credits Sorbillo Facebook

I did so myself!

Gino Sorbillo is the man behind the empire he created with his own hands. First he will tell you about his unconditional love for Naples, his hometown, what the region has to offer with all the quality of raw material, homeland of mozzarelas, burratas and pomodorinis. But most of all what he has done to the neighborhood where he chose to open his pizzeria. Yes, Centro Storico, in Via del Tribunale, where Camorra is renown for playing their rules. This is a delicate issue of course but Sorbillo has placed his cards too. Some say he managed to fight the mafia but I guess this is not the point here.

Gino Sorbillo at work

credits Sorbillo Facebook

He loves what he does, does is really well and what he really fights for is to achieve higher and higher. With 3 pizzerias in Naples, 2 of Zia Esterina (the historical fried pizza take away) locations, Milan and very soon the Big Apple.

pizza fritta zia esterina

credits Sorbillo Facebook

When in Naples make sure to save one evening just for it. The waiting time is long but surely worth it!

Follow Sorbillo on Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter and visit his website too.

+39 081 446643

Ample Hills Creamery

ample hills ice cream pint

I love ice creams no matter the season!
Summer in NYC that year was just a bless and I couldn’t miss the chance of exploring good ice cream shops around. This one I must say went on top of my list!


It was 2014 and they had just opened their second store in Brooklyn. Fast forward two summers on and they are now all over town. I went for their original store.


ample-hills-owners-Brian & Jackie

They are Brian & Jackie

Located on Vanderbilt Ave, a very neighborhoodly area of Prospect Heights, with the local restaurants and coffee houses around. Ample Hills Creamery is discretely located on the corner.
Going in, the first impression you have is to be stepping out of town. One of its main intention, coming from the young new york couple who developed the idea.
A bit country a bit trendy. With some well placed kitsch details that makes it even more authentic. Yet very simple. Like their cutie logo – a cow representing the goal behind the idea: “…there were cows in Brooklyn. And the cows grazed on Brooklyn’s lush ample hills.”
I remember it was a Sunday afternoon, a rather hot one I must add, and yes the shop was packed. With some peak moments that it got even more packed if any possible. Staff is extra cool and efficient in serving the long line with “alotof” samplings and smiles. Be prepared when visiting Ample Hills on a weekend that a bit of wait is expected. Period. But no doubt, totally worth it!
My choice of flavors time were Salted Crack Caramel and Peppermint Pattie. I’m not a huge fan of very creamy ice creams but their flavors are rich and intense that to some palate that can get a tad nauseous depending on your choice. Attention though! I don’t mean that because of the ice cream quality, of course! But of their serving quantity!! You would have already done some sampling for sure and more what you order so choose properly! Their portions are huge! They are all very exquiste and particular which makes me want to go back to try each single one!

ample hills ice-cream-pints

If you live in the USA, you guys are lucky as Ample Hills Creamery now ships nationwide!
From a menu with 16 fixed ones with some seasonal ones and the odd surprise that is announced on their Facebook page. So make sure to follow their page and their Instragram.
When in NYC look up on their website for other locations and how to order their book.


Photo Credits: ample hills website & facebook

Prospect Heights

623 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 Tel: 347 240 3926 : Sun – Thru noon – 11:00pm / Fri – Sat noon – midnight

cowns-in-brooklyn ample-hills-pints