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Monday Tajarin

tajarin Le Vitel Ettoné & Gallina by Luisa
glass of wine Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Two great food institutions in Turin have decided to get together ( I love when magic like this happens!) to put together the best 36 egg yolks tajarin and fish in the same dish!!
So here’s what happened…Lunedi tajarin Gallina & Le Vitel Ettoné
Mauro, Massimiliano and Luisa from Le Vitel Ettoné with their so beloved tajarin (the most traditional piedmontese fresh pasta in food dictionary!) came up with this incredible idea of doing a Monday dish, a day that almost no one goes to restaurants as they tend to be closed, at the main food market in Turin, Porta Palazzo, where Pescheria Gallina lives and has a cute little restaurant too.

So what will they be doing?
Every monday as from May 28th you will have the chance of enjoying lunch at the market with a threesome creation dish putting together raw shrimps, ricotta Seirass cheese produced also in Piedmont on a bed of tajarin. Mouthwatering just describing it!

fish and tajarin Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Add a glass of chilling cold white wine and your summer lunch is ready!
Buon appetito and bravo to everyone involved!

Mauro Beppe and Luisa by Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Pescheria Gallina Piazza della Repubblica 14b 10122 Torino TO +39 11 5213424
Le Vitel Ettoné Via San Francesco da Paola 4 10123 Torino TO +39 11 8124621

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