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New York Times travel’s list for 2019

nytimes travel

Bravo to New York Times for such an inspiring list of 52 places to visit.

There is art & culture, there is nature, there is sightseeing, there is food too, of course! Countries for all tastes and interest. Some cliché locations as they should and some out of the ordinary itinerary.

But you can see how choices were made with care, taking into consideration mostly our actual circumstances with climate change.

Placing Porto Rico in first place shows their total support in helping them get back on their feet after hurricane Maria in 2017.

I’ll bore you no more! Enjoy the reading and a little travel with the mind while at it.

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Food Forum 2nd edition & brazilian food culture

Credits Food Forum

When you have a country as huge as Brazil with uncountable amounts of raw materials coming from every corner of its land if you work or have some connection in the food industry you have  the responsability of showing the world what, who and how it keeps it going.
Food Forum is one of this vehicles.

Credits Food Forum
On its second edition this year, they gathered a line of talented speakers, each and everyone with their own stories, battles, ups & downs, victories, losses and success.

Sadly brazilian government likes to make it harder and that was one of the issues strongly discussed by the speakers when saying that giving up is not an option so their battles just gets more challenging if not complicated.

I mean, if you are a just a tiny bit literated about brazilian food, the real brazilian food that’s to say, you know that they have ingredients most chefs around the world would dream to have in their own kitchen everyday, every season.

A few chefs took that international step in promoting our culture but also proudly belongs to a very special crowd of people that makes it happen right there and than inland.
Local farmers, those that put their hands on soil everyday to feel their harverst. Small, or not so small realities of organizations built by people that grew up with some sort of food and rural influence at home, cooks, chefs, bakers, nutritionist, restaurateurs.

Their names and actions speak form themselves. So they are here to protect, defend what Brazil has as most precious. Their origins.

Michael Moss on Food Forum stage

American jornalist Michael Moss was sranded in NYC due to snow storm but he was there with his registered talk and the audience loved it!


Just last week an old story came back in the picture regarding agrotoxics. Did you know that 70% of brazilian production is touched by some sort of agrotoxic?
There is a huge lobby in the senate as 44% of deputies are members of bancada ruralista making them related to Frente Parlamentar Agropecoária. In other words they play the interest of big coorporations that sell toxic products.

diga não a pl do veneno

Project 6.299/2002 was created to protect the health and integrity of food production (“Lei do Alimento Mais Seguro”) back in 2002 and has since been “seating” on senate’s “to be discussed and voted” files. However the return in the news was not in a positive light as lobbists are arranging to vote in favor of, yet one more new projetc created to put it down the one on stanby.
There has been an immense noise on social media where posts with protets came flooding in.
They are all waiting to see what will come out of it.

In the mean time people like these guys here will carry on their outstanding work to protect and promote brazilian food culture inland and abroad.

A great audience, speakers and guests.

Last but not least an immense bravo to Food Forum dream team under Charles Piriou & Ailin Aleixo guidance!

Photo Credits: Food Forum & Marcela Senise

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