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Harley Langberg

Harley and Zach

I love cooking in the morning as I’m a morning person.

I came about Harley’s work a few years back in early 2015 while scrolling around Instagram. It was “love at first post”! I love his touch when using the ingredients, choices of pieces, influences and how original years down the line his work still is. Proud to see his changes in creation but I can’t deny my favorite ones will always be the ones with candies and oreos!Harley Oreo Coliseum
One special moment was to see a Picasso piece Harley recreated and Met Museum reposted it!

Harley Food Art recreation of Picasso's "Au Lapin Agile"

Harley Food Art recreation of Picasso’s “Au Lapin Agile”

Another quality of Harley’s account is his genuine being in touch with his 36+K followers. Always with a kind word of reply if you leave a comment. And that was how our contact begun. Let’s say we are the real deal of virtual friends.
Proud too to see him hapilly married to his bestfriend Zach.

Harley and his work
I can’t wait to meet them in person if not here in Italy back in the US and of course get one priting (or maybe two or three!) to put it in my kitchen wall.

What is the importance of your kitchen in your house?
Very very important! As a food artist and amateur chef, I am in the kitchen at least once a day and it is my favorite part of the apartment!

harley kitchen

What’s the best part of the day for you to cook?
I love cooking in the morning as I’m a morning person making a delicious breakfast but I also do love cooking during the day and early evening as well.

Are you a creative chef or simply love to follow recipes?
I love to take recipes and adapt them to make them my own and I always usually put a healthy spin on the recipe. Sometimes I’ll substitute ingredients or omit certain unhealthy ingredients.

Three ingredients that are never missing on your kitchen cabinet?
Extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh ground black pepper.

How did your passion for cooking come about?
It came about when I was young and I had people around me who loved to cook like my babysitter and family friends. Ever since I was little I had such a fascination with the cooking process and still do today!

What’s your favourite dish to cook that you kow it can never go wrong with it?
My favorite dish to make is a recipe I adapted from Food & Wine Magazine where I create my own whole wheat pizza dough, roll it really thin and top it with thinly sliced eggplant, garlic, fresh ground pepper, homemade pesto, and parmesan cheese. It’s more of a flatbread than a pizza and it’s absolutely delicious! I try to make it once a month.

Would you receive for a day an entire tv crew in your kitchen?
I’m not the best on camera but I don’t think I could turn down an opprotutniy like that!

Do you follow any tv show or have a favourite cooking book?
My two favorite tv shows are MasterChef Junior (those kids are just so adorable and talented) and also Chopped (love seeing the creativity that goes into making delicious dishes using odd combinations of ingredients). As for cooking books, I love the Gumbo Shop cooking book which is a popular gumbo restaurant in New Orleans.

Harley Langberg Having been born and raised in NYC, Harley Langberg early on found a passion for both art and food. During high school, he spent a summer at The School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College and the summer after worked in the pastry kitchen of the world-renowned Lacorix at the Rittenhouse. While the culinary world and his passion for cooking was always important to him, Harley decided to attend Northwestern University where he studied Economics and Chinese. While at Northwestern, he continued to invest his spare time in cooking, working in the local pastry kitchens in Evanston, IL, writing a weekly cooking column in the school newspaper, The Daily Northwestern, and teaching his fellow students how to cook during private and public cooking lessons and demonstrations. Since graduating from Northwestern in 2010 he has been working in sales and operations for a NYC-based company, yet always had the urge to find a creative outlet that best suited him. One day while in Chelsea Market, he discovered an exhibition of a food artist and was completely fascinated by this new form of art which he had never seen before. That night, he went home and created his first food art piece, and from that point on had been hooked and unexpectedly developed a new talent, food art. Since plating that first piece in October of 2013, he has created hundreds of food art pieces, worked with a number of prominent brands including The Food Network, Chili’s, Billboard, and Little Caesar creating special pieces for their social media channels, and built an Instagram following of over 33.5k followers.