Charco restaurante

I had the pleasure of dining at São Paulo’s newest charcoal style restaurant.
Charco restaurante is a cosy, charming, warm welcoming place.
Tuca Mezzomo and Nathalia Gonçalves have been in the gastronomic scene for a while but have only recently decided to open their own doors. It has been exact one year and they have already been on best of list nominations of the year.
You genuinely can taste the research and care they put into every dish.

Charco Restaurant

All the charcuterie is made in house from a selection of raw meat that defines quality when you put in your mouth with a slice of a fresh baked bread and their butter.
Their choice of platings is extremely refined, matching their creations‘ presentation very well.

Together with all the flavors and colors it makes the experience absolutely worthwhile.
It is not the ordinary grill place!

Charcoaling is becoming an art and Tuca is performing at its best.
Nathalia with her bakery and pastry talents is thriving!
I had moments when I wanted more bread to do the classic “scarpetta” and literally licked my fingers over desert.

Last but not least cocktail menu is very interesting with old fashion bar glasses to drink from.

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