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Food Forum 2nd edition & brazilian food culture

Credits Food Forum

When you have a country as huge as Brazil with uncountable amounts of raw materials coming from every corner of its land if you work or have some connection in the food industry you have  the responsability of showing the world what, who and how it keeps it going.
Food Forum is one of this vehicles.

Credits Food Forum
On its second edition this year, they gathered a line of talented speakers, each and everyone with their own stories, battles, ups & downs, victories, losses and success.

Sadly brazilian government likes to make it harder and that was one of the issues strongly discussed by the speakers when saying that giving up is not an option so their battles just gets more challenging if not complicated.

I mean, if you are a just a tiny bit literated about brazilian food, the real brazilian food that’s to say, you know that they have ingredients most chefs around the world would dream to have in their own kitchen everyday, every season.

A few chefs took that international step in promoting our culture but also proudly belongs to a very special crowd of people that makes it happen right there and than inland.
Local farmers, those that put their hands on soil everyday to feel their harverst. Small, or not so small realities of organizations built by people that grew up with some sort of food and rural influence at home, cooks, chefs, bakers, nutritionist, restaurateurs.

Their names and actions speak form themselves. So they are here to protect, defend what Brazil has as most precious. Their origins.

Michael Moss on Food Forum stage

American jornalist Michael Moss was sranded in NYC due to snow storm but he was there with his registered talk and the audience loved it!


Just last week an old story came back in the picture regarding agrotoxics. Did you know that 70% of brazilian production is touched by some sort of agrotoxic?
There is a huge lobby in the senate as 44% of deputies are members of bancada ruralista making them related to Frente Parlamentar Agropecoária. In other words they play the interest of big coorporations that sell toxic products.

diga não a pl do veneno

Project 6.299/2002 was created to protect the health and integrity of food production (“Lei do Alimento Mais Seguro”) back in 2002 and has since been “seating” on senate’s “to be discussed and voted” files. However the return in the news was not in a positive light as lobbists are arranging to vote in favor of, yet one more new projetc created to put it down the one on stanby.
There has been an immense noise on social media where posts with protets came flooding in.
They are all waiting to see what will come out of it.

In the mean time people like these guys here will carry on their outstanding work to protect and promote brazilian food culture inland and abroad.

A great audience, speakers and guests.

Last but not least an immense bravo to Food Forum dream team under Charles Piriou & Ailin Aleixo guidance!

Photo Credits: Food Forum & Marcela Senise

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Monday Tajarin

tajarin Le Vitel Ettoné & Gallina by Luisa
glass of wine Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Two great food institutions in Turin have decided to get together ( I love when magic like this happens!) to put together the best 36 egg yolks tajarin and fish in the same dish!!
So here’s what happened…Lunedi tajarin Gallina & Le Vitel Ettoné
Mauro, Massimiliano and Luisa from Le Vitel Ettoné with their so beloved tajarin (the most traditional piedmontese fresh pasta in food dictionary!) came up with this incredible idea of doing a Monday dish, a day that almost no one goes to restaurants as they tend to be closed, at the main food market in Turin, Porta Palazzo, where Pescheria Gallina lives and has a cute little restaurant too.

So what will they be doing?
Every monday as from May 28th you will have the chance of enjoying lunch at the market with a threesome creation dish putting together raw shrimps, ricotta Seirass cheese produced also in Piedmont on a bed of tajarin. Mouthwatering just describing it!

fish and tajarin Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Add a glass of chilling cold white wine and your summer lunch is ready!
Buon appetito and bravo to everyone involved!

Mauro Beppe and Luisa by Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Pescheria Gallina Piazza della Repubblica 14b 10122 Torino TO +39 11 5213424
Le Vitel Ettoné Via San Francesco da Paola 4 10123 Torino TO +39 11 8124621

Follow them on Instagram too!
Pescheria Gallina
Le Vitel Ettoné

Sorbillo opens in NYC

Sorbillo Bowery St NYC

“When he was a little boy he had a dream. To become a pizzaiolo and take his pizzas to an even bigger dream. The american dream.”

Sorbillo Bowery St NYC

…and he did so. Gino Sorbillo is making his highest dream become reality. The Sorbillo clan is opening their first location this week in the heart of Little Italy, where else?!

Gino Sorbillo at NYC location

His efforts paid off. His believes and what is important to make the best pizza are real. Protection and respect of his territory to export in the most accurate way to one of the most competitive cities in the world when it comes to the food industry.
He is ready to tell the story of his family, to make New Yorkers try Italy’s most famous pizza in the world.

While writing this article, Gino himself shared on his Instragam stories, yes he’s all about his social media chanels too, that Unesco has recently announced the recongnition of pizza makers job as a Italian heritage – so Hurray & Congrats to all pizzaioli!

When I met Gino at ‘Cibo a Regola D’Arte last month I was amazed to meet such helpful and available guy he was but most of all how down to earth.

Gino Sorbillo & Rosanna Marziale

Gino Sorbillo & Michelin star chef Rosanna Marziale at Cibo a Regola D’Arte – Napoli 2017

His talk was al about genuinity, respect and love for his home territory. To the point of publicly stating so in front of politians his commintment as citizen and enterpreneur.

His energy is contagious, his smile is sincere and his arrival in New York City is happening because of his determination of fulfilling that young boy’s dream. He is very aware of what the city has to give and take. But so far the feedback of opening trials and and opening night have proven a success.

The Sorbillo’s brother received the visit of New York’s Mayor, Mr. De Blasio, as their friendship goes back a few years back when tey met back in Naples while the De Blasio family was holidaying in the souht. Media coverage has been pretty full including the famous CBSNews channel of all NYC yellow cabs!


Credits Press / James Collier

I can’t wait to be back in the Big Apple and enjoy a good slice with my New Yorker friends.
I wish Gino & family the most amazing time on their new adventure.

Follow Sorbillo NYC on Instagram
Sorbillo NYC
334 Bowery between Great Jones & Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 646.476.8049


Carluccio & his food empire UK

“Italian men has two main functions, to eat and to make love”

Antonio Carluccio


Last week the world of food has lost a very important figure. He was considered the Godfather of Italian food abroad.
He was born in Salerno, in the region of Campania, the fifth of six children.
He moved with his father’s job when he was young and lived in Castelnuovo Belbo and Borgofranco d’Ivrea. Living in the northwest, an area with great vegetation, as a child he would hunt through the forest for different mushrooms and fungi with his father. After leaving school he did his compulsory one year of military service in the Italian Navy. After leaving the navy, he briefly worked as a journalist with La Stampa in Turin and then as a technician and sales representative for typewriter manufacturer Olivetti.
It was not until he moved again, this time to Vienna, to study languages and start his work life as a wine merchant. Thirteen years later he moved to London to become the Italian wine importer of that time. Thas was back in 1975.

Carluccio & Terence ConranIn the restaurant business everything started when he became the manager at Terence Conran’s Neal Street Restaurant in Covent Garden. He married Conran’s sister. The rest is history.

If you visited London you must surely have come across the Carluccio’s sign from one of his restaurants, seen some of his 20 books in bookshops. It was under his supervision that UK beloved chef Jamie Oliver started working in London.

Gennaro Jamie & Carluccio

Credits David Loftus

That led to a life time friendship between them and Gennaro Contaldo, whom they made a hilarous tv series for BBC called “Two greedy Italians”.

A rather quiet and shy persona, I remember, during my London years when I visited his Deli back in late 90’s. Always present and smiling but reserved, making sure everything was up and running as he wanted. Food was good.

The United Kingdom surely is grateful to what Carluccio represented in the evoution and upgrade of quality of food when eating out over the years but mostly being the man who brought Italian flavors over the chanel.

Antonio Carluccio

In 2007 he was appointed an OBE by the Queen.

*extracts from Wikipedia

French butter crisis?!

unsalted french butter

french baguette

It is an announced crisis for a while. Climate change, political issues, you pick your choice.
What is in question here is how will the French live without their fantasticly buttered croissants and all those jambon baguettes?
Prices are rising, supermaket shelves with apologetic notes for lackign supply, bakers not knowing where to find their tones of butter.
Let’s hope for the best!

here is a good article from The Guardian to get into more detailed explanation.

Tuscan bread

the original pane di montegemoli

Italy is famous for having a whole variety of bread making. It changes according to each region. From North to South you have rye, durum wheat, crunchy, soft, focaccia, ciabatta to name a few. It has been counted around 300 types of bread.

pane di montegemoli

Visiting a very beloved region of international and local tourists, when in Tuscany you will find one of the least flavoured breads. No salt is the main characteristic of it. Back during the Second World War salt was one of the most precious ingredients to have so “cooking” with it was rarity and mostly for the privileged. Nowadays reason being is because Tuscan food is rather heavier flavoured considering their culture of eating hunting meat, their selection of cold cuts, the classic aged pecorino, all foods with intese flavour for the palate thus a choice of a more plain taste bread to go with. Or simply having a slice with drizzles of olive oil, another typical product of Tuscany.
Right in the middle of the Maremma hills you can find a stoned house with a very famous oven called ‘Forno di Montegemoli’. They produce the original recipe (with a pinch of salt, but shhh! don’t say it out loud!) and distribute to most of local panetterie (bakery) and supermarkets within 50 kms.

People come from all over to visit the location, see a tuscan wooden oven and experience the amazing landscape that surrounds the house. Not to mention the smell! You can buy it too! They bake white and whole recipes.

 tuscan landscapeAbsolutely worth the drive around the countryside to reach them. If you are coming from or going towards Siena, San Gimignano make sure to include this stop on your trip. Check opening hours as they don’t work on weekends.

The story of a Syrian chocolatier

Peacebychocolate by Assam Hadhad

When speaking of Syria, war, refugees all I can think is how can these people rebuild their lives?
Back in Damascus Assam was a chocolatier but lost everything as we could all imagine.
When I came across the story of Assam Hadhad‘s family my joy was immense! How a wish of wanting to spread joy to show gratitude to Nova Scotia, the Canadian town that welcomed them one year ago when they flew away from the war, became their way of starting a new life.
Today, one year on, Peace by Chocolate has 10 employees and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has met the family enjoying bites of chocolate!
Never understimate the empowerment of food!

• 50 Best 2017 • the winners

50best number1

The ceremony is over!
Results are out and the web is going crazy with comments, critics, surprises, all depending on who you were supporting. While in Melbourne the party must be way into the night, I had my lunch after watching bits and bobs on streaming (God bless the technology!) and keeping an eye on Instagram.

I’m absolutely not going to go into critics or comments. This is about celebrating the effort and talent that all these amazing people put into their work!

I’m very thrilled to see Alex Atala and Massimo Bottura rocking & rolling on the list as great part of their work involves dedication and concearn for the environment and social issues!
Very happy to see lots of South American locations being awarded as well! A continent with incredible raw materials that are put on plates in most superb ways.

A huge congrats to each and anyone of the winners of The World’s 50 Best award!

On a sweet note, Dominique Ansel has reached his top! Besides his trademark creation, the Cronuts, his pastry work is like diamonds for Marilyn Monroe. I remember visiting his NYC store a few years ago. My memory of standing in fronto of the glass windowns simply going WOW! The cronuts I’am yet to try them, as I wasn’t in the mood to queu up at 6 in the morning after booking them online – waiting list goes around 3 months waiting….but the coffee eclair I had was perfection. Period.

Dominique Ansel - Best pastry Chef 2017

Dominique Ansel and his trademark Cronut

50best winners 50 to 41

No.50 Hof Van Cleve in Kruishoutem, Belgium
No.49 Tegui in Buenos Aires, Argentina
No.48 Restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin, Germany
No.47 Vendôme in Cologne, Germany
No.46 L’Astrance in Paris, France
No.45 Den in Tokyo, Japan
No.44 Brae in Birregurra, Australia
No.43 Reale in Castel Di Sangro, Italy
No.42 Boragó in Santiago, Chile
No.41 Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in Shanghai, China

50best winners 40to 31

No.40 Cosme in New York, USA
No.39 Relae in Copenhagen, Denmark
No.38 Azurmendi in Larrabetzu, Spain
No.37 Saison in San Francisco, USA
No.36 Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London, UK
No.35 Septime in Paris, France
No.34 De Librije in Zwolle, Netherlands
No.33 Astrid y Gastón in Lima, Peru
No.32 Attica in Melbourne, Australia
No.31 Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris, France

50best winners 30 to 21

No.30 Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain
No.29 Le Calandre in Rubano, Italy
No.28 Nahm in Bangkok, Thailand
No.27 The Ledbury in London, UK
No.26 The Clove Club in London, UK
No.25 Tickets in Barcelona, Spain
No.24 Amber in Hong Kong, China
No.23 White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia
No.22 Quintonil in Mexico City, Mexico
No.21 Alinea in Chicago, USA

50best winners 20 to 11

No.20 Pujol in Mexico City, Mexico
No.19 Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark
No.18 Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan
No.17 Le Bernardin in New York, USA
No.16 D.O.M. in São Paulo, Brazil
No.15 Piazza Duomo in Alba, Italy
No.14 Restaurant André in Singapore
No.13 Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, France
No.12 Arpège in Paris, France
No.11 Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York, USA

50best top10 winners

No.10 Steirereck in Vienna, Austria
No.9 Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Spain
No.8 Maido in Lima, Peru
No.7 Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand
No.6 Asador Etxebarri in Axpe, Spain
No.5 Central in Lima, Peru
No.4 Mirazur in Menton, France
No.3 El Celler De Can Roca in Girona, Spain
No.2 Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy
No.1 Eleven Madison Park in New York, USA

Daniel Humm & Will Guidara

Eleven Madison Park by Daniel Humm & Will Guidara

Photo Credits: World’s 50 Best Facebook & website / Eleven Madison Park website