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Eclipse 2024

Doughnut Plant

What an immense privilege for the folks up in North America, where today got to experience an incredibly magical moment watching the total eclipse. It did start in Mexico and crossed the East part of United States to conclude in Canada.

Of course Instagram went crazy in the morning getting ready for the big event. Within the foodie pages we had some very entertaining posts and reels especially those with cookies, bagels, doughnuts and all rounded shaped food.

Here are some of the ones I’ve enjoyed. We know how creative New Yorkers can be!

Shakespeare and Company Café

shakespeare and co Paris

When George Whitman opened his parisian bookshop, together there was always a second part of the project that never came to life. The Shakespeare and Company Café. That was until 2015 when his daughter Sylvia and husband David decided to make her dad’s dream become reality.
With spring season right on, if you happen to be in Paris, do make sure to visit the location. Bookshop and Café are right next to each other, same place where Whitman started it all. A visit to their website is also well worth it! Not only impacably cool but full of historical information too.
Vogue magazine made a delicious article about it! Read it on…

shakespeare and co old style

shakespeare and co location

shakespeare and co the famous lemon pie

Photo credits: Shakespeare and Company website