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Monday Tajarin

tajarin Le Vitel Ettoné & Gallina by Luisa
glass of wine Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Two great food institutions in Turin have decided to get together ( I love when magic like this happens!) to put together the best 36 egg yolks tajarin and fish in the same dish!!
So here’s what happened…Lunedi tajarin Gallina & Le Vitel Ettoné
Mauro, Massimiliano and Luisa from Le Vitel Ettoné with their so beloved tajarin (the most traditional piedmontese fresh pasta in food dictionary!) came up with this incredible idea of doing a Monday dish, a day that almost no one goes to restaurants as they tend to be closed, at the main food market in Turin, Porta Palazzo, where Pescheria Gallina lives and has a cute little restaurant too.

So what will they be doing?
Every monday as from May 28th you will have the chance of enjoying lunch at the market with a threesome creation dish putting together raw shrimps, ricotta Seirass cheese produced also in Piedmont on a bed of tajarin. Mouthwatering just describing it!

fish and tajarin Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Add a glass of chilling cold white wine and your summer lunch is ready!
Buon appetito and bravo to everyone involved!

Mauro Beppe and Luisa by Davide Dutto

credits Davide Dutto

Pescheria Gallina Piazza della Repubblica 14b 10122 Torino TO +39 11 5213424
Le Vitel Ettoné Via San Francesco da Paola 4 10123 Torino TO +39 11 8124621

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Pescheria Gallina
Le Vitel Ettoné

Bourdain’s latest Parts Unknown work is simply gold!

Bourdain & Obama in Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown logo

It has been out over a week now but just this afternoon I sat down to browse through Explore Parts Unknown
Created in collaboration with Roads & Kingdoms and CNN, Explore Parts Unknown is bound to become the new digital encyclopedia to the world of travel, culture and food.

At “Parts Unknown,” we try to show how other people live, to encourage people to walk in others’ shoes. To that end, we’ve created a new digital experience where we will tell more stories, take deeper dives, and take you further into the world of the show.

Beyond Borders: Big night in Kashmir

Beyond Borders: Big night in Kashmir

As episodes are aired, the site is updated so you can have extra contents, more detailed interviews and stories of each location.
It is priceless. I’m not kidding when I say I spent over an hour reading some bits, without realising time passing by.
Pictures are stunning, writing is impecable.

You have short videos, recipes, storytelling to name a few. One section is geniusly called “KNOW – you’ll want to read this” and you rest assured you will click on it right away!

One of the things that I try to do with “Parts Unknown” is to show how other people live, to hopefully encourage them to go out and look at the world, to walk in someone else’s shoes for awhile. To that end, we’re launching a new digital experience to complement the show: “Explore Parts Unknown.” This space gives us the opportunity to dive deeper into locations that we’ve visited—we’re going to be launching original content around every PU episode, both past and future—allowing me to do more of what I do: tell stories. If this inspires people to follow their curiosity around the world, and get their passports renewed, then we’ve done our job. – Anthony Bourdain

A couple of hours after it was announced on Bourdain’s Instagram profile, I googled to check what it was being said…..there were shockinly more than 12 articles posted already!
Yes it is a big deal and it will only get bigger. I’m already addicted to UnknowParts Instragram account as well! Everyday a new photo with a short story.

Beyond Borders: Vanilla is expensive, but labor is cheap

Beyond Borders: Vanilla is expensive, but labor is cheap

Well if you are a Bourdain fan you would know what I’m takling about. As usual spot on perfection on quality of work!
And in case you are new to his work or at least about this incredible series, on its fourth season, go on and get crazy by spending some hours of your day exploring & “traveling” Unknow Parts.

The story of a Syrian chocolatier

Peacebychocolate by Assam Hadhad

When speaking of Syria, war, refugees all I can think is how can these people rebuild their lives?
Back in Damascus Assam was a chocolatier but lost everything as we could all imagine.
When I came across the story of Assam Hadhad‘s family my joy was immense! How a wish of wanting to spread joy to show gratitude to Nova Scotia, the Canadian town that welcomed them one year ago when they flew away from the war, became their way of starting a new life.
Today, one year on, Peace by Chocolate has 10 employees and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has met the family enjoying bites of chocolate!
Never understimate the empowerment of food!