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Secret ingredients

secret ingredients the new yorker

This one is an oldie but a goodie one!

I decided to share here after picking it up from my shelves to read it some pieces again this morning.
The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink is kind of a bible for people that has some sort of relationship with the food world. Its writing by a selection of witty, classic, some old fashion writers makes this book a reference to any kind of food inspiration you might be looking for. Or simply a good New York style reading moment.

Mine has ears all over it! A total comfort to reach to.

Michi & Fabri

Michela & Fabrizio

“He’s a very useful hand in the kitchen but his main aim is to pinch the saucepans away to transforme them into lamps.”

lamp saucepan

What is the importance of your kitchen in your house?
It has a “leading role” importance.

the kitchen Michi & Fabri

What’s the best part of the day for you to cook?
Early evening.

cooking Michi & Fabri

Are you a creative “chef” or simply love to follow recipes?
Michela: I tend to creat and when trying following a recipe, I get it ¾ right and the rest I just add my final touch!

celebratios Michi & Fabri

Three ingredients that are never missing in your kitchen cabinet?
Leek, parmigiano cheese and freshly grounded black pepper.

How did your passion for cooking come about?
Michela: Inherited from my family just like many of my passions.

kitchen stories Michi & Fabri

What’s your favourite dish to cook that you know it can never go wrong with it?
Michela: Lentil curry and risotto.
Fabrizio: rich sauces for pasta.

rich sauces for pasta Michi & Fabri

Would you receive an entire tv crew in your kitchen for a day?
Michela: I would say so…

fire place Michi & Fabri

Do you follow any tv shows or have a favourite cooking book?
Michela: Books. Specially those from my favourite aunt and her sister: “La casa golosa” and “Fare festa” by Michela and Paola Brengola.

working in hte kitchen Michi & Fabri

Michela Volante – is a Turin “born & bred” gal that lives and cook at the same house she was born! A writer, translator, school books author, she is very much in love with the word “writing” since she first learnt how to hold a pen in her hands. Domani andrò sposa e Uno a testa published by Ed. Frassinelli are her own novels.

Fabrizio Farina
– a graphic designer of an eccleitc kind, achieved his position in the editorial world passing through the world of atomic energy. He’s also a radio speaker with his own show ‘Ettore’ on Radio2 and mad about sci-fi culture. Viaggi nel tempo (2016) is his most reccent work with Einaudi Publishing house working on this priceless anthology. He’s a very useful hand in the kitchen but his main aim is to pinch the saucepans away to transforme them into lamps.
They share their house with two wonderful cats, Gaber and Gas.

Racconti di Cucina


“Among the many reasons I cook there is the fact that I wish to give my son Giovanni dishes that he will remember throughout his whole life, exactly as it happened to me.”

Angela is a journalist. She was born in Naples. She used to write about politics. Her grandmothers taught her what she nourished in herself, for years. The passion for cooking. She went on to become food editor for Corriere della Sera Cucina where she also has her weekly webcolumn ‘Racconti di Cucina”.
We can now have it at our homes on our cooking books shelves.
Each single recipes tells us a little story. All part of her life. Very southern. Very rich. Very luscious.
You can follow Angela Frenda on Facebook but I actually love her Instagram account.
The quote I started this post is from one of hers when sharing her fond feelings through her food and mouth-watering pictures.

Photos by Laura Spinelli & Claudia Ferri for ‘Racconti di Cucina’ the book.


angela frenda cooking

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Racconti di Cucina by Angela Frenda
Published by Rizzoli 2nd Edition 2015/16
€19,90 hardback